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Excursions and Trekking

There is a broad range of offers for trekking in Non Valley. For those of you who cannot get enough differences in altitude should not miss the view over the Maddalena mountain chain and the Brenta Dolomites. For those of you who like it a bit more relaxed we recommend a hike through the canyons of Non Valley or a hike through the history and culture of the past. By reaching the peak with its untouched silence, you will make unforgettable memories.

Countless is the variety of hiking trails and mountain hikes in Non Valley, from ambitious fixed rope routes to easy hiking trails  with not least impressive views. Two special routs in the Maddalena mountain chain need to be emphasize. The Bonacossa trail, which leads from the Gampen Pass to the Rabbi Valley and the other trail, that is also used as a stage of the Sentiero Italia. Hiking in Non Valley means hiking in nature on the paths of lost stories like the hiking trail of the Fondo canyon and Smeraldo Lake. The trail starts in front of St. Martin church and leads past an old mill and well that are both still in perfect condition. Well worth seeing are also the ruins of an old roman bridge, which used to bridge the canyon.