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Mountain biking in Non Valley

Through the Non Valley by bike… it is possible to discover the Trentino from Tret in Non Valley because of countless trails for young and old.

Up and down the mountains, using varied mountain roads and trails guided by the scents of spring that the valley has to offer, like the apple trees being in full bloom, the meadows, and forests.  You can also follow the road through the small villages passing castles and admire the simplistic and traditional architecture.

You can go mountain biking on kilometer long trails for all levels of preparation between Mendel Pass and Gampen Pass and rise to the challenge of the climb and decent on natural finish trails. Mountain bike experts can choose between several challenging trails that lie above 2.000 m and offer a fantastic view.

Not just experts but also families and less ambitious and experienced bikers get their money’s worth. The area around the Adamelo Brenta national park is part of the “Dolomiti di Brenta Bike” a fantastic loop road, which one can take in different degrees of difficulty.  For the athletic type in the “expert” version and for the fans of basic and easy biking the version “country”.