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Try genuine Trentino products

During your stay in Tret in the heart of the Non Valley, you can try all kinds of national dishes that will pleasure your palate, discover scents and delicacies of the traditional regional kitchen that are made exclusively from genuine regional products.

Some of our traditional dishes are as follows: potato scones and fried potato patty, apple pie, apple strudel, Lucanica (a kind of sausage), ham, pork, and sausages with sauerkraut and polenta as side dish. There is also a multitude of soups like dumpling soup, and typical pasta and mushroom dishes.

Like the roasted rabbit with yellow or black polenta, the abundance of game is shown in a variety of dishes: deer, venison, hare and pheasant with fried potatoes as side dish. The Trentino goulash, the Carne Salada del Trentino, and cured meat are other examples. The Tretino chees from grana to Nostrano de Casel and from Fontal to Spessa, Casolet.

A wide variety of desserts, like Bismark, the Torta de Fregolòti, apple pie, the Zelten with nuts, dried figs raisins and pine nuts and of course strudel.

Talking about vine the Gropello can be mentioned which is cultivated in Revò. The Marzemino and the Teroldego, which harmonizes perfectly with the dishes made by our cook. Gappa is also produced in the Valley of ours, the classical white Grappa as well as some more aromatic and bitter versions.

We offer a buffet with many homemade desserts for breakfast and a vegetable buffet for supper. We offer also personalized service according to the occasion.