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St. Romedio Sanctuary

The Saint Romedio sanctuary is near the village San Zeno in Val di Non (Non Valley) and it is one of the most interesting examples of medieval Christian art in the Trentino region.

St. Romedio Sanctuary is a famous pilgrimage place, which is built on a 70-metre high calcareous rock. This architectonic building is surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape and it is composed of several churches and chapels directly on the rock. The whole structure is connected by a steep stairway with 131 steps. The oldest chapel of the building dates back to the 11th century and over the centuries other three little churches and other two chapels have been added, and seven Passion’s aedicules.

This suggestive and spiritual location is dedicated to the hermit Romedio from Thaur. When the hermit died, his believers dug his tomb in the rock. This cult is still alive nowadays. There are many legends about Saint Romedio but the most famous one concerns a bear. The old hermit Romedio was riding a horse to reach Trento and to meet the Bishop, but a bear tore his horse. Romedio tamed the bear and he rode it up to Trento.

On January 15, the Saint Romedio’s day is celebrated with a mass in the sanctuary and part of it is also eating the typical dish of the pilgrim. Every year 200.000 pilgrims come to visit the sanctuary. Around the sanctuary, there is a compound, which the bear Jurka (mother of the “problem-bear” JJ1) calls her home since 2007.