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The Non Valley, the apple valley

The Non Valley is located in the west of the Etsch Valley and is flown through in the upper part by the Rio Novella that empties into the Santa Guistina Lake in Cles. From there on the Noce, which originates in the Val di Sole, flows through the lower part of the Non Valley and flows into the Etsch Valley at the Piana Rotaliana. In the north lies the Ultental (Val d’Ultimo) and Southtyrol.

It consists of a tableland through which the Nons brook flows. Characterized by countless castles, chateaus, like the Castel Thun, Castel Bragher, Castel Coredo, Castel Cles, Castel di Nanno, and Castel Valer. Ritual places like the place of pilgrimage San Romedio and the Palazzi Assessorili in Cles and Coredo.

The Non Valley offers its visitors numerous lakes that are separated by deep canyons. In some canyons over centuries, lakes were formed, like the artificial Santa Giustina Lake, the Coredo Lake, the Tavon Lake and the Tovel Lake that owe the landscape its incredible beauty.

The Non Valley gained fame due to its big apple groves that decorate the landscape with their magnificent colors that change during the different seasons and charm with their scents. At the edge of the Non Valley, there are still three German-speaking townships that constitute Deutschnonsberg (unsere liebe Frau im Walde/St. Felix, Laurein, Profeis).

Tret is Part of the township Fondo that lies 4,73 kilometers away. Tret is located at 1162 m and is characterized by the Tret Lake and the Tret Waterfall. The Tret Waterfall lies not far away from the village, which is located in the northernmost point of the Non Valley region on the border to Southtyrol.

La Val di Non